Photo gallery (updated 29 April 2021)

 Here are some pictures of the cables. Enjoy. The first bite: my first semi-round 25 ft pair 1m pair, bare solder 1.5 m pair, bare wire The real McCoy, Polk Branded NOS cables Note the little black module (Designed by Mr Polk to prevent oscillation/amplifier damage) Polk Original Brochure Part of my stock

Polk Cobra User comments & reviews Upated 29 April 2021

 This page is dedicated to user comments and reviews of Polk Cobra cables.  Those who have not used/listened to Polk Cobra cables please listen/try before commenting. Thank you. I will add some of the reviews and comments in the main post with permission by the author. I will leave all other comments in the comments section. Review by Sujesh Pavithran for (Malaysia) This is an excerpt from a professional review of Accuphase E470 integrated amplifier.  Quote One final thing – I went through a variety of speaker cables, and a couple of weeks before I sat down to write this review, I managed to procure a pair of Japanese-made wires which, back in the 1980s, were marketed by Monitor Audio and Polk Audio (as Cobra) and have attain cult/mythical status. These took the performance of the E-470-1.7i to another level –  nuances were better revealed, there was an on-the-edge quality to the bass that will shock ribbon panel sceptics, and more clarity and recording textures s

Polk Cobra Speaker Cable User Guide (Updated April 2021)

Introduction: These cables are rather special because of the design and manufacturing method that is unlikely to be replicated. ·          So called ‘Litz” speaker cables are easy to find. But unlike some so-called ‘Litz’ cables, Cobra is a true ‘Litz cable’ (not just Litz woven cable). The positive and negative strands are braided together without any Teflon (or similar) insulators. The individual strands are electrically isolated only by enamel (magnet wire or Litz wire). ·          The enamelling process is world-class. There is no oxidation almost 40 years after manufacture! ·          A single run of Cobra contains 144 woven strands, 72 strands each for positive and negative! ·          The strands are made of extremely thin high purity copper. This seems contrary to what a speaker cable should be (more suitable for interconnects if one really thinks about it). They look thick due to the enamel. ·          One of the weaknesses (in my humble opinion) of the Cobra des