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The Polk Audio Cobra Speaker Cable
Hello Polk Audio Cobra/Monitor Audio Super Speaker cable fans!
I have started this blog to share my experiences working with and using these cables since 2015. I do hope that others will also share their experiences to benefit those who just discovered this cable.
You can find a lot of information about these cables at Mr Arthur Salvatore's .Thank you Arthur.
If you need further information you can contact  me

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Three Types of Cobra Cables (that I know of)

Three versions of Polk/Monitor Cobra cablesThe following table summarizes physical and electrical properties of the three versions of Polk Audio, Monitor Audio branded and non-branded (SH-SP/Super Speaker Cables).
Photo 1: Top Monitor Audio (flat ribbon), middle no brand oval (like USB type C), bottom Polk Audio (round) Names/LabelsPolk Audio CobraNoneMonitor Audio SuperNone SHF SP CobraNonePicturePhoto 1- bottom
Photo 1-top
Photo 1- middle
Cross sectionRoundFlat ribbonOval, Semi-flat, like USB Type CSectional diagramFig 1Fig 2Fig 3Dimensions (mm)Diameter 7.39.8 x 3.211 x 2.2No of strands

Polk Cobra Speaker Cable User Guide